11 Tips To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

It is already well known that the sun is very harmful to the skin. Most people faithfully apply themselves when they go out in full sun. What many people unfortunately do not know is that you have to protect the skin against UV radiation every day. Even if the sun hardly shines or if you stay indoors all day, this UV radiation comes into contact with your skin.

UV radiation causes many skin problems

UV radiation is the biggest cause of skin aging, pigmentation spots, skin sagging, wrinkles and so on. Not to mention worse skin diseases caused by this intense radiation, such as skin cancer. This type of cancer is currently the most common cancer in the Netherlands. It is therefore important to protect your skin well, especially in the summer months.

Almost everyone knows that protecting your skin in the sun is important, but how can you do this best. “Is applying once a day enough? Will I still get tanned if I apply this well? Which factor should I have and when should I apply myself? ” are frequently asked questions.

Tips to protect your skin from the sun

So it is clear that it is important to protect your home properly, but how do you do that? How do you protect your skin sufficiently against the UV rays of the sun? Below are 11 tips to optimally protect yourself against UV radiation:

  1. Protect yourself even when it is cloudy
  2. Factor 20 to 30 is high enough to protect you
  3. Use sun protection with Titanium Dioxide
  4. Apply at least half an hour before going out into the sun
  5. Do not forget to rub your face well
  6. Use a head covering if necessary
  7. Reapply every 2 hours
  8. Apply again after swimming
  9. Try to minimize exposure to the sun between 12:00 and 15:00
  10. With protection you still get a tan
  11. Protection is an addition, not a solution

Tip 1 – Protect your skin even when it is cloudy

The sun shines every day, so every day there is UV radiation in the air. That is why it is wise to protect your skin with a UV factor every day. Even when it’s cloudy. Because with a cloudy sky, the reflection of sunlight against the cloud can make the sun’s power higher than with an unclouded sky.

Tip 2 – The higher the factor, the better you are protected

It is important that you apply a high factor, otherwise you will not be well protected against the UV radiation from the sun. A factor of 20 to 30 is high enough to protect you.

Tip 3 – Use sunscreen with Titanium Dioxide to protect your skin from the suntips for protecting your skin from the sun

Make sure you use a sunscreen with Titanium Dioxide . These reflect the harmful sun rays and therefore do not let them penetrate the deeper skin layers.

The RIVM also advises to use sunscreen with titanium dioxide. In addition, Zaailingen.com has conducted its own test under various sunscreen creams with inorganic filters, such as titanium dioxide. You can view the test here .

Tip 4 – Apply half an hour in advance

Half an hour before you go into the sun, rub your body (uncovered parts) with a sunscreen that contains both UV-A and UV-B protection. Pay attention to the feet, shoulders and neck. This is possible with a wonderfully full cream, but if you swim a lot it is useful to have a waterproof spray with you.

Tip 5 – Do not forget to lubricate your face well

This is sometimes forgotten, but your head and face are exposed to the sun a lot. So also lubricate your face and do not forget your ears, nose and lips. You can use an SPF lip balm for the lips.

Tip 6 – Use head covering

The best way to protect your body and especially your head is to use caps, hats and other clothing for protection. That way you can be sure that you are well protected.

Tip 7 and 8 – Apply frequently again and also after swimming

Apply at least every 2 hours. Apply again after swimming, even with waterproof sunscreen. You always lose some particles of the cream while swimming or sweating.

Tip 9 – Try to avoid the sun when it is brightest

The sun is at its brightest in the afternoon. To minimize the risk of burning and damage to your skin, it is best to stay out of the sun. Then make sure that you are out of the sun as much as possible between 12:00 and 15:00.

Tip 10 – Even with sunscreen you just get a tan

When you use a sunscreen you will still get a tan. It’s just a little slower. Without sunscreen you burn first (so you already have a color) and then you turn brown. With sunscreen, that annoying phase is skipped, so it takes a little longer to get a tan. Your tan will also stay much longer.

Tip 11 – Sunscreen is a supplement to prevent damage and is not a solution

sunscreen should be seen as an additional measure to wearing protective clothing and seeking shade on sunny days. The use of sunscreen is not a license to sunbathe indefinitely. Whoever does that even increases the risk of skin cancer.

Take care of your skin

Tanning is a beauty ideal in Western society, that’s perfectly fine. It is important that we handle our skin with care. It is a myth that you do not get tanned when you apply sunscreen, but that you do not tan as quickly. Thanks to a protective layer, your skin is less exposed to UV radiation. We cannot say it often enough, but always apply well. After all, from spring to the end of the summer months, your skin will have enough time to tan with good sun protection

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