Here we are going to tell about the Best Web Browser For PC i.e. the 6 best and fast as well as secure web browsers for your computer, and these browsers are the most used worldwide, you can use these browsers in windows, You will also be able to use macOS, Linux and Android etc. in the operating system.

Best Web Browser For PC

Best Web Browser For PC

Many times our computer needs to have more than one browser, due to being a joint family in India, the same computer can have accounts of many members, due to which different browsers are required.

For example, if you are a Blogger or a YouTuber and other members in your household do the same thing, then many members may have an Adsense Account and all are being managed from a single computer.

So in such a situation we can open a single AdSense account in a browser, in such a situation, we need to have multiple browsers to run different adsense accounts in our computer, because more than one AdSense account in the same browser We can not run.


Apart from this, your siblings or other household members use your own computer, so to manage different accounts, we keep separate browsers so that no one interferes with each other’s account, and in this case Multiple browsers are kept in the same computer.

Now the question is that although there are many browsers, but from which we choose which browser which is fast and safe to run, here we will give you 6 Best Web Browser For PC i.e. the fastest and fastest for your computer. We will tell you about the secure browser, which we use ourselves for many years.

1 Chrome Browser in hindi

We have kept the Best Web Browser for PC or Chrome browser for mobile as Chrome Browser is Google’s browser and this browser is the most used in almost all operating systems in the world, including computers Android and iOS.

If you talk about its security, then you know about Google well, any of its apps or software is completely safe and runs fast.

Chrome Browser is the most used in almost all operating systems from mobile to computer. We ourselves have been using this browser in our mobile or computer for many years.

Chrome Browser is very lightweight and because of this it is very fast, almost all of its settings are very simple which one can set according to their own. Google created this browser in the year 2009 and it became very popular very soon.

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Google Chrome Browser’s Security

Chrome Browser is a secure web browser. With the help of this browser, you can make online payment to any trusted site securely.

The best thing is that in this browser we also get a private browser which we know as Incognito Windows. And to use this window, after opening the Chrome browser, after clicking on the triple dot in the top right side, click on the new Incognito windows in the third number and this window opens.

Chrome’s Incognito windows are so safe that when you search for anything in this window, it is not saved anywhere. If you want to login any of your accounts in someone else’s computer, then you are in Incognito windows. Please login.

Password is not also saved in Incognito windows. All the details you searched or logged in will be automatically ended as you close this window, if you login to an account in Incognito windows then this As soon as you close the window, it will be logged out and none of your details will be saved here.

Download: Chrome

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2 Mozilla Firefox Browser in hindi

We have placed another Best Web Browser for PC or Mozilla Firefox Browser for mobile because this number comes after the Google Chrome browser, you can run this browser fast and safely in almost all operating systems.

While the rating of Chrome and Firefox based on the survey is seen, Mozilla Firefox has got a rating of 10, while the Chrome browser has got a rating of 9.8.

Mozilla Firefox was developed by The Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation and since then this browser has become very popular worldwide, you can also put Mozilla Firefox on your PC or mobile with Chrome browser.

In terms of speed and security, Mozilla Firefox Browser is the fastest browser after Chrome browser, this browser is also safe and fast to run this browser, we use both our mobile and PC because this browser is almost all operating systems. Supports

Almost all the developer’s favorite browser is Mozilla Firefox Web Browser because this browser does not store cache files very much due to which it is fast.

Download: Mozilla Firefox

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3 Opera Web Browser in hindi

We have chosen the third Best Web Browser for PC or Opera Web Browser for mobile because this browser number comes after Chrome and Firefox because this browser is also fast and secure.

The downloading speed in Opera Browser is also very fast, when you open this browser, on the left side messenger WhatsApp Instagram etc. social platform icons will appear and you can click on that button and share any content of your browser. .

By clicking on the icon of WhatsApp in the left side of this browser, you will be able to easily run the WhatsApp of the mobile in your PC’s browser by scanning it with the available WhatsApp in your mobile.

In Opera Browser, a battery icon appears in the top right side, which shows how much battery is in your PC, you can click on it to turn on the battery saver, this saves a lot of battery in your PC, so that you can save more Can browse more than.

Download: Opera Browser

4 Microsoft Edge in hindi

Microsoft Edge is a browser that looks like the same as the Google Chrome browser. Microsoft company has kept it with Windows by default, if you install Window Ten in your PC then Microsoft Edge will be with it by default. You will get to see.

Earlier Microsoft’s browser used to be internet explorer but now Microsoft has developed Microsoft Edge instead, you can also use internet explorer.

Microsoft Edge is very fast and secure, that’s why we have placed it in this list for Best Web Browser For PC or Mobile. You can run this browser on both your mobile and computer.

Download: Microsoft Edge

5 Vivaldi Browser in hindi

Vivaldi Browser is a powerful browser, it is also fast and safe, the new version of 3.6 has arrived. You can download this browser for window 64bit windows 32bit macOS 64 and 32bit, Linux.

If you need to keep many browsers in your PC, then you can also download and use Vivaldi Browser with your browser, and that’s why we have put this browser in the list of Best Web Browser For PC or Mobile.

Download: Vivaldi

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6 Brave Browser in hindi

I also like Brave Browser because it does not track the activity of browsing done by us and also does not save browsing history.

If you are not working with a browser, then you can install this browser with Google Chrome. Brave Browser is safe and fast, and this browser has written its name in the top 5 in the world.

Brave Browser has many features that you will not see in other browsers. This browser is fast in page loading and downloading, similar to Google Chrome, and its security is also very strong.

Brave Browser The work Enfocus has to take care of security in the browsing you are doing. This browser has the option of https everywhere which if you keep it turned on and if you visit any unsafe website, it checks it and advises you not to visit that site.

Download: Brave Browser

And finally

I have installed all the browsers mentioned above in my PC and use it. If all the members run their account on the same computer in your house or different AdSense account is of different members, then you can install all these browsers and run your own AdSense account in different browsers. .

Regardless of the browser, it should be updated from time to time because the security of that browser is strengthened by updating.

From time to time, the company rectifies it by looking at the deficiencies in it and then sends the corrected things in the form of updates which we should install immediately.

So we have learned about the 6 Best Web Browser For PC here, you can download these browsers in your mobile also from Play Store or App Store.

We hope that by reading this post Best Web Browser For PC , you will have found the answer to all your questions in the search of the browser, if you still have any questions or suggestions, then definitely reach the comment box below.