If you want to know how does discord make money. Then you are in right place. With millions of players in the trillion dollar gaming industry, it makes sense that there is a digital space for these players to communicate with each other. Right now the most popular is Discord, a free chat software used for text, video, and voice communication.

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However, because it is free, users often wonder how Discord makes money. There are donation options, sure, but most players will not invest money. Even if they do, it is unlikely to be enough to keep all those servers up and running. So how does the company make a profit?

With These Steps You Can Make Money With Discord

how much money does discord make

Bringing on the Big Bucks

Well, Discord has over 87 million users. It connects with games, Spotify, and Twitch, so friends can see what you’re playing, listening to, or streaming. It’s a fantastic value proposition, and one person using it will get their friends to use it, and more. That said, the company has no intention of using s to support the platform. Also, it does not sell user data, unlike other online programs. Instead, take advantage of the following policies to make a profit:

Cosmetic products

Although completely optional, Discord offers cosmetic customization features like sound packs, skins, emojis, and more. They don’t make the Discord experience better or worse for the user, but they do make it more fun. Additionally, the client takes comfort in supporting the team and its platform.


Discord has all kinds of merchandise on offer. Trendy T-shirts, embroidered sweatshirts and hats are available to purchase. Of course, while most users don’t get involved with this, those dedicated fans do earn the company a little extra cash.


Discord Nitro is a subscription service that the company offers for $ 4.99 a month from $ 49.99 a year. Nitro subscribers can upload files up to 50MB, create custom emojis, animate their avatars, and even 1080p screen sharing. Additionally, users receive a unique Nitro badge to show their support.



Although relatively new, Discord has a store where anyone can purchase games. Those who subscribe to Nitro will receive free games on a monthly basis, but anyone can purchase titles through the Steam-like platform.

All games on Discord will be handpicked, ensuring the store isn’t littered with spam games like Steam. Instead, players can be sure that what they buy is of high quality. The platform will take a small cut from purchases, with the rest of the funds going to the developer or publisher.

Venture capitalists

Despite all the above options, Discord is also funded by venture capitalists. In fact, in December of last year, the company disclosed an investment of $ 150 million, with an overall valuation of $ 2.05 billion. This funding round was led by Tencent, Firstmark, IVP, Index Ventures, Technology Opportunity Partners, and Greenoaks Capital.

Of course, these financing options are just the beginning. Discord will likely reveal more ways users can contribute over time. After all, the company is just getting started.

Fortunately, as far as we know, Discord doesn’t want to change its free offers. Anyone can use their voice chat and text chat platform completely free. Developers can also take advantage of features like Gamebridge, which allows them to link their games to the Discord platform.

Also, Discord’s user base will only grow thanks to these free offers. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and as users get involved, they will keep bringing their friends too. Some of those users are required to become Nitro subscribers and purchase merchandise. Also, other chat platforms charge for most of these offers, so there is little incentive to walk away from Discord in the first place.