How To Make YouTube Descriptions Or Comments Bold?

Today, YouTube is one of the online platforms that receives the most visits worldwide . Since, it is the most famous video social network and, failing that, it is the preferred one of the majority of users who create or view this type of content . Taking into account that, it is a site that hosts all kinds of clips .

In addition to this, it is a social network that has numerous functionalities that allow optimizing the user experience, according to the requirements or tastes of each of them. Therefore, they can perform practically any action from their YT channel , easily and for free.

One of these uses consists of adding a kind of format to the text that is placed in the descriptions of the videos uploaded to said platform or in the comments made on any portal . Reason why, through this post, we will explain the steps to follow to place bold in the descriptions or comments of YT , correctly.


What are the benefits of putting bold in your YouTube comments or descriptions?

Basically, the bold type  refers to that variant of the letter that has thicker lines than usual and is special compared to the letter that is considered “normal”. In this way, the main function of bold letters is to highlight a part of the text as a visual mark , which is why it is mostly used for keywords . Thanks to the use of bold in the text, users or readers can quickly find a specific phrase or word and consider it as a point of interest.

So, they serve to emphasize a certain text that has a certain relevance . In addition to this, despite the fact that the bold ones do not have a direct impact on the Google ranking , they are certainly distinguished by being a fundamental element for the scanning of a specific content . Since, the bold letters allow to emphasize any phrase so that it does not go unnoticed by the readers and, in addition, it produces a positive impact on the time of permanence of the users in your YouTube portal .

Consequently, it is estimated that the fact of putting bold type in YT’s descriptions and / or comments allows an indirect impact on the positioning of your channel . Valuing that, they offer the possibility of improving the user experience considerably , they also increase the time they stay and reduce the “bounce rate” or the “bounce rate” ; In other words, the navigator will not leave the site for a few seconds after having accessed it.

Learn step by step how to put bold letters on YouTube easily and quickly

how to bold text on youtube

Before specifying the steps that must be carried out to be able to place bold type in any YouTube text.

It should be noted that this effect will not be reflected until the comment is published on the online platform .

Now, then, we show you how to put bold in YT directly from your mobile device or through your computer:

From the phone

Given that there are many users of YouTube and any social network who prefer to manage their accounts from their mobile phone, we will begin by explaining what you have to do to put bold in your YT text from those computers .

how to bold text on youtube

Here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, access the mobile app of the online video platform and log into your Google account , in order to access your YouTube channel.
  • Followed by that, if you want to place bold characters in the description of your clip, locate it through YouTube Studio , specifically in the “Videos” section and proceed to edit it, by clicking on “Add a description” .
  • In case you only want to leave a comment on another YouTube channel , using bold, you have to locate it within the platform .
  • Then, put an asterisk at the beginning and another at the end of the sentence. For example, it should look like this: * bold comment * . This, without leaving spaces between the asterisks and the letters.


  • Finally, publish the text in question and you will be able to see how the platform transforms the words that you have specified in that way into bold.


In the computer

Although the procedure to follow from the computer is completely similar to what has to be done on the mobile, it is also worth specifying each step to be taken on the platform to publish comments in bold .

Next, we explain the process in detail:

  • To start, you have to enter the official website of the video platform and enter your Google account or, failing that, open your YT channel with your credentials correctly .
  • After that, find your video in which you want to share descriptions in bold type and enter the corresponding section as we explained above. However, if you only want to post a comment with this particularity, look for the clip where you want to do it .
  • Later, it uses the trick of the asterisks , avoiding that there are spaces between them and the specified letters.
  • Once this is done, proceed to publish the phrase in question to be able to see how the same platform applies the format correctly . That’s all
how to bold text on youtube

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