How To Cancel Or Void A Payment In PayPal

We are going to explain how to cancel a paypal payment / how to cancel a pending paypal payment /  that you have made through PayPal , something that can help you solve a payment that you have made accidentally. We have already warned you that you will not always have the possibility of cancelling these payments, since it is often an irreversible process.

Therefore, we are going to start by explaining to you in which cases you can cancel and void the payments you have made through this service. And then, we will explain the simple process to request that cancellation. And remember that if you no longer want to use PayPal, we have explained how to delete your account.

how to cancel a pending or completed paypal payment

When you can cancel a pending or completed PayPal payment

PayPal only allows you to cancel payments that not claimed, and there are two cases in which this claim is not made automatically, so they are those in which you can cancel them. The first when you have sent money to an email address not associated with a PayPal account. Of course, you have to cancel the payment before that email account liked to PayPal, since then it will automatically created to the account balance.

You can also cancel a payment if you have sent it to a recipient with an email address that has not been confirmed , since PayPal only credits the money to accounts that have this information confirmed to ensure that they are the same person.

If what you want is to recover the money instead of canceling a payment, remember that it is a totally different procedure that we have already explained to you. Here, we are going to have dinner only on the cancellation or cancellation of a payment you just made, and not on the refund of money after a purchase.

How to cancel a Completed PayPal payment

The first thing you have to do is click on the payment you want to cancel , which must have the Pending indicator . To do this, you can go to the Recent Activity section or the Activity section within the PayPal application or website.

Once you click on the payment you want to cancel, you will see all the information related to it so that you can confirm that you want to cancel it. If so, click on the Cancel button that will appear next to the indication that the person has not yet accepted it.

You will go to another screen in which you asked if you want to confirm that you are going to cancel the payment. In this screen, it used to give you all the information related to the transaction. Click on the Cancel payment button that appears in blue below to confirm the cancellation.

how to cancel a pending or completed paypal payment

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