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The YouTube streaming video platform has become one of those daily tools that have been part of our day-to-day lives, which is why it has become something common and widely used in today’s society. The largest video streaming platform in the world has the necessary content to satisfy the majority of the population. For this reason, Google knows that it has to integrate new features in order to improve the user experience of its cloud-based service.

The improvement of the thumbnails, the commitment to privacy, the new tabs … Google has included a lot of changes in YouTube over the last few months. From the Mountain View company they know perfectly well that this application is shown as one of the most powerful in the world , so they are willing to offer the best innovations to its users. On this occasion, we are talking about a functionality with which everything will become much easier when using the platform we are talking about. This is none other than the ability to reverse videos and playlists. We are going to indicate how to achieve this in a simple way from mobile terminals with the Android operating system (and, also, on other platforms) 

Adjust Youtube Playlist. However You Want

Until now, YouTube only imposed the option of the  reverse order in the playlists, while in the videos this section did not exist, which was something that users did not like excessively. However, the platform has integrated a set of novelties with which you can customize the order of videos and playlists, which makes the use of development much more personal and, therefore, the usefulness increases considerably. . From Google they have decided to give a greater role to users so that they can  prioritise the videos that they consider most important at all times.


To carry out this process, all we have to do is click on the “Sort by” window that appears at the top of the channel in question and choose between the following options that we are going to indicate with a small explanation in each of the possibilities that exist in the streaming video service that, without a doubt, is one of the most used today:

  • Most popular:  if we want to see the videos with the highest number of visits first, this is what we have to choose.
  • Date of inclusion (oldest): it is the option from the oldest videos to the most recent.
  • Date of inclusion (most recent):  from the most recent videos to the oldest that are in the YouTube services.

How To Reverse A Youtube Playlist

The same happens with the  playlists of each channel, something that allows optimizing the use of YouTube. Although, in this case, the options from which to choose are a little different but it does not lack everything that most users may need.

  • Creation date (oldest):  oldest lists first on the screen of the device you are using.
  • Creation date (most recent):  the most recent lists first is what is achieved with this possibility.
  • Last added video:  playlists that include videos in the tool offered by Google on the Internet.


As you have seen, it is now completely possible to order YouTube videos and playlists in a personalized way and, the truth is that it seems incredible that this has not existed on the Google platform for a long time. But, luckily, this has changed and we have to thank the company that is currently led by Sundar Pichai, which has the most widely used operating system for mobile devices in the world

How to Reverse A Youtube Playlist

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