Kamala Das Biography

Kamala Das ‘s name has been taken prominently from popular and struggling writers in the past. So today Google introduced a Google Doodle named after them to show goodwill towards their work.

Let us now know the biography of Kamala Das

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Kamala Das Wiki

Kamala das

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Parents & Childhood

Kamala Das was born on 31 March 1934 in a rich family in Punukulam town in Thrissur district, Kerala.

His father VM Nair was the executive editor of the then popular daily newspaper Matrubhoomi and his mother Balmani Amma was a Malayali poetess.

Kamala’s uncle Nalpat Narayan Menon was also a noted writer. Which had a positive effect on his life and from a young age he aroused interest in these poems and started writing and reading poems like his mother.

Well, when Kamala Das was younger, her father worked at the Walford Transport Company in Calcutta. Due to which Kamala’s childhood passed into Calcutta and she was also educated.

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When she was 15 years old, she got married to Madhav Das, who was a banker. Due to which Kamala stopped writing. But her husband knew Kamala’s talent, so she inspired her to write Kamala.

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After this, Das started writing. She initially wrote short poems, which were published in the English language along with Malayalam.

In 1976, Kamala wrote her autobiography, titled My Story. In his autobiography, he described a beautiful life from his childhood to post-marriage. After reading this, the world considered the writing of his writing skills for the first time.

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After this, Kamala wrote several works on women, including her last book, The Kept Woman and other stories, in which she compiled her short stories.

Apart from this, his major work is –

  • Tattered Blanket
  • 1964: The Sirens (Asian Poetry Prize winner)
  • 1965: Summer in Calcutta (poetry; Kent’s Award winner)
  • 1967: The Descendants (poetry)
  • 1973: The Old Playhouse and Other Poems (poetry)
  • 1976: My Story (autobiography)
  • 1977: Alphabet of Lust (novel)
  • 1985: The Anamalai Poems (poetry)
  • 1992: Padamavati the Harlot and Other Stories (collection of short stories)
  • 1996: Only the Soul Knows How to Sing (poetry)
  • 2001: Yaa Allah (collection of poems)
  • 1979: Tonight, This Savage Rite (with Pritish Nandy)
  • 1999: My Mother at Sixty-six (Poem)
  • -: My Grandmother House (Poem)

She had converted to Islam on 11 December 1999 and since then she was named Kamla Sureya. But when she was in her last time, she said, changing religion does nothing.

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Personal life

Kamala was married to Madhav Das, making her the mother of three sons. Their names are MD Nalpat, Chinen Das and Jayasuriya Das.

Kamala died on 31 May 2009 at the age of 75.

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  • Award of Asian PEN anthology – 1964
  • Kerala Sahitya Academy Award – 1969 (for Cold)
  • Sahitya Academy Award – 1984
  • Asian World Prize-1985
  • Asian Poetry Prize – 1998
  • Kent Award for English Writing from Asian Countries – 1999
  • Vayalar Award – 2001
  • Honorary Littby University of Calicut – 2006
  • Muttathu Varkey Award– 2006
  • Ezhuthachan Puraskaram– 2009

Quick Fact

Name – Kamala Das

Original Name – Kamala Surayya

Date of birth – 31 March 1943

Date of Death – 31 May 2009

Husband – Madhav Das