How To Start A Fantastic Work From Home

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How To Start A Fantastic Work From Home

Today I Will Tell You How To Start A Fantastic Work From Home With Minimal Spending.

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The other day I made a discovery that left me quite perplexed, and I saw that  the keyword “work from home” has, in alone, some 41,400 monthly searches (it varies depending on the tool you use).

And that’s a few people, right?

In the end, this is just a detail that supports what I have been thinking for a long time and I told you in the post about the professions of the future:  the employment context is changing very quickly. And today, with the COVID-19 crisis, the trend towards working from home on the internet is on the rise.

People are tired of the archaic system that exists at the moment and are looking for new options. More freedom is needed to better reconcile professional and family life and have time for all those activities that really make us happy.

Enjoy only 30 days a year?

Come now.

And not only that, but working online (at home or from anywhere in the world) can generate more income than a regular job. If you don’t believe me,

For this reason, if at the moment you are one of those people who is considering work from home, working from the Internet or, simply, is looking for alternatives; this is your post. In it I have compiled all the options you have and I have left you several examples of jobs that can be done from home.

My intention is to offer you answers so that you can see that if you really want to break away from your current situation … you can do it (and if you leave me and reach the end of the post, I will help you to achieve it). ?

Come on, I have worked out the best guide to earn money from home.

Let’s do it.

What is your situation: why might you want to work from home?

What may be leading you to consider working from home directly affects the strategy you must use to achieve it. I tell you some of the most common reasons:

  • You want different schedules: you have tired of having your life organized and now you want to be the one who takes the helm. You are interested in working from home because you want to be able to work whenever you want.
  • Freedom of movement:  to the freedom of schedule, you want to be able to add working from anywhere thanks to the Internet. Come on, when we talk about “work from home”, what you really mean is “working from home over the Internet.” Having wifi, your office is the world.
  • You have lost your job or cannot find a job: you need to generate income quickly and you see telecommuting as an option to earn money right now. You see it as an extra, because what you really want is to find a normal employed job.
  • Better family conciliation: you have a child and you do not want to resign yourself to losing your childhood. The fact of being able to work from home is what interests you.
  • You have retired: you have a lot of free hours and you would like to entertain yourself as well as get a bonus.
  • You want to reinvent yourself professionally: you know that the Internet is the present and the future and your intention is to put your efforts into creating an online business.

I could put more profiles, but I think you understand perfectly what I mean. Well, all this could really be summed up in 2 circumstances:

  • You want to develop professionally working online (digital nomads).
  • You want to get extra money thanks to the Internet.

As the objectives of each option are completely different, I am going to divide the post into two blocks.

Below you have an outline with everything that I am going to explain in the article, review it first and go directly to the part you want.

Important: yes, if you are one of the people who is looking to earn an extra online, I do recommend that you take a look at the other part of the post. Most likely, you are not aware of all the opportunities you have to work online. Read it, you might be surprised.


Digital nomads: Work From Home Or From Anywhere In The World

When I wrote the post about the professions of the future,  my goal was to show you data and statistics about the change that is taking place in the labor market.

Today, this process has just been accelerated by the coronavirus crisis. But this was going to happen anyway.

The reality is that the Internet opened a new era where relations between workers and companies have completely changed. It is no longer necessary to be in a physical place a certain amount of hours.

What is now in demand is independent and effective people who are capable of delivering results. How you organize yourself is only up to you.

This new figure of professional who works through the Internet is what we call a digital nomad. Although when this term is used it is usually thought of a person who lives traveling, the reality is that the concept has been enlarged. As I explained to you in this episode of the podcast, now a digital nomad is …

A person who uses the Internet to carry out his occupation and / or to sell his knowledge, whether he is an employed person, freelancer or entrepreneur.

As you can see in that definition, within this term there are 3 profiles. You can feel linked with only one or combine characteristics of the 3.


The 3 types of digital Marketing

Another of the great myths behind digital marketing is that they all start and have an online business. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Are there any other options.

Type 1: freelancers

The freelancer is what in Spain we have traditionally called autonomous, although in this case, it is usually more focused on people who exercise liberal professions. There are many types of jobs that you probably already know that can be practiced under this figure:

  • Web developers.
  • Marketing consultants.
  • Translators.
  • Editors and / or copywriter.
  • Musicians
  • Coach.
  • Photographers.
  • Teachers.
  • Etc.

In this case, freelancers tend to focus on selling services (selling their time), but they also have the option of selling infoproducts (special products where you sell your knowledge in the form of an online course or ebook).

50 great and proven ideas to earn money

Later we will see it more in depth, although the important thing now is that you keep in mind that any useful knowledge or skill you have (not just what you learn in a career), can open the doors to work as a freelance.


Type 2: businessmen and entrepreneurs

This profile goes a step further and instead of focusing so much on services, it bases its business more on the creation of the info products that I just mentioned.

As they are digital products, they do not increase the costs of producing more or distributing more units. That is why it is said that they are “passive” income and that they allow you to scale your business (you do not need to invest more hours to generate more income. Once the first unit is created, everything is done).

Now that you have the options on the table, let’s look at a little more about each one.

Type 3: remote employees

These types of digital nomads usually work for a company or third parties;  But as I said before, the company does not force you to be “in person” at the office. You work remotely, so you have the freedom to move however you want.

The only difference is that your location doesn’t matter now. You only know that you have to fulfill your tasks in a timely manner.

Little by little, the policy of working for results and objectives is being established. A system much more in line with current reality and more motivating and productive. Especially now that COVID-19 has revealed the lack that exists in this regard.

Almost the entire world has had to come to a standstill because most companies are not ready for teleworking.

This new trend to enjoy the benefits of working remotely is already unstoppable.

The best professions of the future: examples of work from home as a freelancer that you can start TODAY

A freelance is what in Spain is known as a freelance professional.

In this case, unlike the employed digital nomad, the normal thing is that the freelancer has several clients. With some they will only establish specific relationships while others may be regular customers (not unique).

You may now have one of these phrases in your head:

  • “Services? And what is that?”.
  • «I have not studied, what services am I going to give».
  • «I don’t like the career I’ve done and I don’t want to work on it. There are no more options?”.

Lets start by the beginning.

A service is performing work for someone else. And that “work” can be anything, the important thing is that it is useful. Because the higher the utility, the more value the customer perceives and the more demand there will be.

The other 2 options reflect the same concern: the fear of not knowing or the impostor syndrome.

But let me tell you one thing very clear:

That you have not studied does not mean that you do not know how to do anything. There is a brutal difference.

Not all knowledge or skills are learned in college (no joke). In fact, in many of the professions that I am going to name you now, I know people who practice them without having the title.

In Spain there is still a great fervor for titulitis, but with the new employment reality this will gradually disappear. If you don’t know how to do something, you will simply learn it as you go. What matters is the attitude.

Although now this makes you insecure, relax and let me show you several examples of freelancers who work from home.


1. Work from home as a professional translator or language teacher

If you master a language, without a doubt, you have a future online.

Your job may consist of translating a complete book or transcribing the texts or the contents of a web page into another language. There are many possibilities. Believe it or not, if you know Spanish and another language, you are already a good candidate.

It is also true that the  fewer people who speak the language you master, the better paid your job will be.  Still, it’s good to start small to gain practice and get better results.

To find a job these are some options:

  • Contact publishers: Email professional translation agencies directly to have jobs sent to you on a regular basis.
  • Sign up on websites:  there are hundreds of online platforms that offer remote job offers on a daily basis.
  • Post on your social networks:  tell the world that you are starting this new remote profession.

Another option that languages ​​allow you is to be a teacher through the Internet.

An example of this we have with David Palencia (he wrote a guest post on iV about how to learn English online) who sells a course to learn English on his blog.

Another variant is Beatriz Mora who in addition to having her own Spanish academy, has another project in which she teaches other people to become online teachers of this language. 

2. Online consultant

This profession is booming in the digital world of the future.

Thanks to the Internet, you  only need a blog, a Skype account (or another similar tool) and a schedule in which to serve your customers. The operating system is the same:

  • You work on your personal brand:  through your website, social networks, content, etc; to position yourself as a benchmark in your sector.
  • Have a page for the sale of your services: through which you will receive requests from your clients (on this page it is very important that you work on your copywriting and the conversion rate).
  • Make an appointment on Skype or Zoom: it will be your new consultation room. If you know English, with the Internet you can serve almost anyone in the world.

Let’s look at examples of people who work as consultants or coaches:

  • Álvaro López: my friend Álvaro is a great example of how you can reinvent yourself. Before, Álvaro was an engineer and now he is one of the most important figures in personal development coaching in the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Ana Bizarro: a woman with a pair of heels who sold her company (for more than one million euros) to reinvent herself and dedicate herself to helping others. In this article he tells you his story.
  • Hana Kanjaa: juggler of change and tamer of fear, in addition to being a great coach,

Do not let yourself be overcome by the impostor syndrome and do not think that you will not be capable or that you are not good enough, with the right training you can get where you want to go.

3. Work From Home As A Personal trainer

If you are passionate about sports, balanced eating or nutrition, you can help others in all these matters. At the moment, it is one of the topics that is having the most boom.

You can offer a personalized consulting service in which you keep track of your clients or create courses or ebooks where you explain to the person what they have to do.

If you are interested in this business model, Marcos Vázquez is the author of two of the best blogs on health and entrepreneurship in the Spanish language.

4. Copywriter and / or content writer

Two of the professions that are most in demand at the moment are the content writer and the copywriter. Be careful not to confuse them.

  • Content writer:  the person writes content for blogs or web pages.
  • Copywriter:  write to sell or to generate a certain action in the reader. For example, they are the people who are in charge of writing a sales page, an “about me” or a home page.

Why is there so much demand?

Think about it. Billions of written content are generated on the Internet every day. And when the digital marketing boom explodes in Spanish-speaking countries… the demand will be even higher.

I give you examples:

  • Maïder Tomasena: one of the greatest references of copywriting in Spanish. Maïder’s story is very curious . You will like to hear how the writing chooses her and not the other way around.
  • Anina Anyway: a very good case of how a blog makes you visible. Anina started writing articles and people started asking her for her services because they liked the way she wrote.

Working from home writing (or correcting, that’s another alternative), is another of the great options to be able to reinvent yourself professionally.

Also, although you can specialize in one of the 2 professions, you have to know that many copywriters are content writers and vice versa. Of course, look for specific training in both.

5. Web designer and / or technical support

The same thing happens with content writers and copywriters, as the Internet grows, more web designers and technical profiles are needed.

More examples of people who have become digital nomads working as web designers:

  • Óscar Hernández:  one of the designers who has worked for me in Traveler Intelligence and a real crack. He works from home selling his services and his courses. In this post he explains how to improve the conversion rate of your blog.
  • Sergio Sala:  he also studied Architecture, but he reinvented himself as a designer and now he also helps other digital nomads. Discover its history here.

Another variant is the one offered by Javier Gobea, who in addition to creating your blog, also  has a technical support service so that you forget about any problem that may arise with your website .

6. Online teacher

Becoming an online teacher is a very old and widely used resource.

But what you have to know is that there are many professions that can be developed online, even if you think they are difficult to digitize. 

And I give you an example.

Something as beautiful as dance and as healthy as yoga can also be one of the best ways to work from home. Every day there are more people who connect with this philosophy of life and want to practice it. You can generally do this in two ways:

  • Face-to-face training: at your home or in a public place.
  • Online training: many people have created their source of income from a YouTube channel or by selling their courses online.

Now I bring you the example of Clara de Clar de Clara, a traveler who finances her trip thanks to the classes she gives on the way. You do it from anywhere in the world, but you could also do it from your home. 

7. Teach online trading

If you are an expert in neutral delta,  income trading or income generating trading , you have two options:

  • Work in a large company in a city (remember that you can do it remotely).
  • Work from home online or traveling the world while offering remote consulting.

This profession  is very specific and one of the best paid . As there are not many people who know about it, the exceptionality of the service is highly valued.

Here is the interview I did with Jesús Porro in which he tells you how thanks to his trading blog  now he works from home, invests in his stocks and can spend time with his family (or be where he wants when he wants).

8. Travel consultant / consultant or group travel organizer

If you know a place very well, you can create a specialized blog about that country (or city). You just need to create the web platform and start creating interesting content.

You know much more than the people who are going there for the first time. Why not sell that information?

Let’s see more examples with different options and ways of being a consultant or travel.

  • Joseba Zárraga: plan group trips of all kinds (cultural, thematic and adventure). In this case, your profession allows you to continue traveling.
  • Víctor Diego: Víctor is specialized in the US and offers a specific service in which he organizes any type of route through this country.

If your city or region arouses a lot of interest, you can create a blog about it. It is not always travelers who can create travel blogs.

9. Specialist in a branch of digital marketing

If you master some of the branches of digital marketing, know that you could start selling services right away. New online businesses emerge every day, so the demand for these services is increasing.

We give you examples:

  • SEO positioning: SEO is one of the most technically complex strategies and one of the most needed (winning over Google is always essential). A great professional is Dean Romero, who although he sold services at the time, now only creates info products.
  • Marketer in a global sense: in this case, Sebastian Pendino created a consulting business where he advises a freelancer from a more strategic point of view.
  • Content Manager: this professional works hand in hand with the Social Media Manager because he is responsible for planning the content to be published. He does a lot of research and is concerned with delivering valuable and interesting content to the public.
  • Traffic Manager: is the person who manages the traffic of a project. Both of the visits that come from Google and those that come from social networks. It is the one that creates the strategies to attract more visitors to a project.

In Traveling Intelligence and the END we have Alicia controlling content and traffic. ?

Both these specialties and any of the other branches that exist within digital marketing, are professions that are booming right now.

10. Photographer and / or sale of photographs over the Internet

If, like me, you like photography, you have a profession before you that allows you to sell services or sell your photos to microstock banks.

In the first case, the ideal is that you specialize in a field. Again, I leave you several examples.

  • Landscape photography: I had the luxury of interviewing one of the best landscape photographers for me. I am referring to Víctor Gómez, better known as Machbel.
  • Travel photography: I give you several examples. Ainara García,  who has traveled the world for a while and now continues to use the photography of her land to express herself. You also have Carles Navarro and Luis Gago, together they wrote a very cool guest post about how to work as a travel photographer.
  • Nature photography and portraits: behind Arturo is the story of a person who breaks with everything and becomes a benchmark in photography,

If you prefer to go more freely and not provide services (I told you before that freelancers also have this option), you can sell photos to microstock banks. For this you have the mega guide that Carles wrote us in which he explains how to start selling photos online.

The great advantage of this system is that as soon as the banks accept the photo (and this is already done by Carles in the post), you will be generating passive income automatically. 

Here it is true that you will have to leave home, but you do not need to travel. Do not tell me that in your city there are no pretty photos you can take. ?

11. Youtuber

Of course this is one of the most fashionable professions.

A YouTube channel can get more out of your online business because YouTube is a great channel to get traffic.

But here I am talking about being a YouTuber and monetizing a YouTube channel to earn money from home. 

The first thing you have to do is decide what your channel will be about and then start recording videos. Today you will not need to invest much: a computer with a webcam or mobile, a microphone and time to edit.

Of course, you will have to get enough visits to earn money from your home as a YouTuber. You will have to think the subject well and train a little in SEO to position your videos among the first and achieve traffic.

In addition, generate quality content and hit the theme of the channel.

You can get an idea of ​​how much you need to have a good salary with YouTuber if we talk about figures.

For example, YouTube can pay you between € 0.50 / € 2 for every 1000 views approximately. And I already tell you that it could be a little less and even more. It depends on the sector, the country, the subscribers … Come on, it’s difficult to know exactly how much you could earn.

But it is a very cool work from home if you get it and with which you enjoy a lot.

As an example, you have Runbenguo, a photography and video expert who has several channels with which he has accumulated close to a million subscribers.

12. Community Manager and Social Media

Community Management is a highly demanded profession but one that, at the same time, has been undervalued.

This (finally!) Is changing. Companies have realized that they cannot leave social networks in the hands of just anyone. 

Managing them implies a strategy, decision-making and great responsibility, since it will develop the online reputation of a business. And not only that, the RRSS are a big part of its brand image …

To clarify, I will tell you how CM and Social Media differ:

  • The Community Manager is the person who manages the networks: publishes, creates content, monitors…; that is, it executes the actions and implements the strategies.
  • The Social Media Manager is the person responsible for leading the CM team and creating the strategies.

Why am I talking about the 2 professions at the same point? Because many times it is the same person who does everything.

And also because being CM is the first step you have to take to end up being the Social Media Manager of a project.

You can do these jobs as a free link, but also for someone else if someone hires you for their project.

The most important thing is to know the target audience and know how to connect with them by giving them what they want.

13. Virtual assistant

One of the professions with the most demand today is that of virtual assistant. Why? Because all of us who have a project that is starting to grow need to delegate small tasks such as:

  • Respond to emails or comments in the RRSS.
  • Administrative issues such as billing or accounting.
  • Layout of blog posts, etc.

The virtual assistant profession is perfect for you if there is not a single thing that you like. It is a great job for multipotential people, since you are going to develop different tasks in your day to day.

In this job you can earn between € 10 and € 15 an hour, at first, and then work your way up. If you are looking for something more stable, you could have a payroll that goes from € 1,500 / month to € 2,000.

If you develop well, have a global vision of the projects and start leading teams, you can become a Project Manager.

14. Project Manager

He is one of the main figures of a company.

The work consists of directing projects, planning and coordinating the team so that the programmed objectives are met on time.

You will need to have training in project management methodology, communication skills and the ability to know how to motivate the team.

Project management is not something new, but the Project Manager position is something recent. And it is increasingly in demand by companies.

If you are good at your job, your salary can reach around € 3,000.

15. Funneler, automation expert

Another emerging profession, the funneler or automation expert.

In all my projects and those of my students this is also an essential figure since we need to carry out all the automations in our email marketing platform, or with messenger or WhatsApp bots.

To do this work, you have to train in automations, email marketing and bots because it has a technical part. However, it is not complicated at all and you can start from 0 without any knowledge.

If you like digital marketing but haven’t found your site yet, research this profession because it is in high demand. All businesses need automatic funnels (funnels) to grow the project and bill more.

The salary is also very good. Note that for each funnel, the prices are between € 300 and € 500, depending on the experience. With few clients a month you can have a good salary.

If you want an example, here you have Thiago Falcón,  the professor of our automation course at the END.

16. Specialist in Alternative Health Therapies

The 3 big markets online and offline are: health, money and love.

They are the 3 needs par excellence that people have and on which most businesses are based.

In the world of health there are three main pillars:

  • Physical Health.
  • Emotional-spiritual health.
  • Mental health.

That is, body, mind and soul.

Normally people focus on the former, however, thanks to the internet, the world of alternative health therapies is growing exponentially.


17. Front end / Back end programmer

If you are a geek, a geek or simply a passionate about computers, this is your emerging job.

The profession of front end and back end programmer has not stopped growing in recent years and is one of those with the greatest future prospects.

I give you the example of FirstLook, they have design, programming and web development services.

In the interview I did for my video podcast, they told me that their last client had paid them € 2,000 / month for 6 months for dental clinic monitoring software.

18. Digital trafficker

This emerging profession is hitting hard now.

It is about the specialist in buying traffic using online advertising. In fact, as a trafficker you can specialize in different sectors. I tell you the ones that I see most relevant and with the most opportunity to find work in the comfort of your home:

  • Social Ads: Managing ads on networks such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.
  • Digital launches : Helping info producers in their product launches to increase visibility and conversions.
  • Online stores (e-commerce): This type of project needs specific strategies to encourage purchases. A trafficker knows them all.

If you want to go deeper into this profession, read here what a trafficker does and how to become one.

What is the key to starting working from home as a freelance digital nomad?

Locate your talent, passion or purpose.

In these 18 examples, you have seen how some people make certain knowledge profitable:

  • To write.
  • Take pictures.
  • Design.
  • Know a country.
  • Investments.

The first step so that you can professionally reinvent yourself working from home as a freelance is this. You need to find that theme with which you can help others but at the same time fill you up and make you happy.

And forget about those fears about not having a career or not working from what you studied, what your clients want are results, the rest is superfluous. If you like a profession, you just have to train and launch yourself.

There’s no more.

The entrepreneurial digital nomad: online businesses

This third profile corresponds to the people who set up an online business. In this case, I am going to focus on 2 models, but there are many more.

  1. The blogs.
  2. Online stores.

Go for it.

1. Build an online business around a blog: be a blogger

Before going into describing what this business model is based on, one point must be clarified. In many articles on the Internet you will see that they talk about “bloggers” as a profession. And this to me is inaccurate.

A blog is really a tool that helps you gain visibility and reinforce your personal brand. It is a piece of the business, it is not the business itself.

Okay, now let’s get to the heart of the matter.

As before, the first step is for you to decide what your talent or purpose is. What is that skill or knowledge with which you can help other people.

For example, I from Traveling Intelligence help all the people who want to become digital nomads. And to achieve this, I create free content and paid training programs (such as the Digital Nomad School that will open its doors soon).

In the end, a business, whether online or not, is always based on meeting a need, on helping another person.

A blog, like a YouTube channel or a podcast program, what it allows you is to attract all those people that you can help.

Your free content serves to gain traffic and have a first contact with you. Then they become subscribers by downloading your lead magnet.  And by becoming a subscriber, you have his email, which allows you to send him more content and get him to know you more. You develop a relationship and earn their trust.

And that trust will be the one that in the end led him to buy you an info product that you have created or another product that you recommend (for example, from an affiliate).

This is the whole process explained very briefly,

Important question.

When creating an online business based on a blog, it is very important that you scale your income (generate money without having to sell your time). This is what I told you before that is usually called “passive income”


I explain several methods.

  • Advertising: it is the one I like the least, because your income depends on the amount of traffic you are able to generate. If you do not control SEO, it will be very difficult to generate a decent income.
  • Infoproducts: digital products where you “pack” your knowledge. Its great advantage is that once one is created, all are created. And being digital products, shipping or distribution costs are very low.
  • Affiliate Marketing:   Affiliation consists of receiving a commission for recommending a product or service and making a sale. This is how I got my first euros with the blog. The key is to earn the trust and credibility of your community.

Selling services is the fastest way to generate income, but also the least scalable. As much as it hurts, days only have 24 hours, which is why it is so important that you generate passive income.

Now I have only explained 3 ways to monetize a blog, but the reality is that there are many more. Here is one of the most read posts in Traveler Intelligence.


2. Set up an online store

Another business that will allow you to work from home online is to set up an online store. There are also several very interesting options here.

  • Sale of physical products: you can work from home doing crafts or crafts and then sell them.
  • Sale of digital products: do not confuse them with info products. Here I mean templates, plugins, music, etc. Any file that is downloadable. Remember that with an info product what you sell is your knowledge.
  • Dropshipping: an online store where you sell physical products from a supplier’s catalog. The advantage is that the supplier takes care of the warehousing and shipping, while you “only” take care of the commercial part. Another great benefit is that you will not have to make an initial investment to buy stock (you will only pay the supplier for each sale you make).
  • Affiliate Store – This is often referred to as a micro-niche. It is a web page prepared to attract a lot of traffic through SEO and then monetize it by offering affiliate products (they also tend to monetize with Adsense, Google advertising). In this case, the most common is to use the Amazon affiliate program.



The truth is that having an online store like this is perfect for working from home or traveling. Yes, you will have to work hard to gain traffic and sell, but you also forget about stock and shipping management.

The employed digital nomad: working from home for companies

There are many people who are not interested in starting and starting an online business. In the end, each one has to choose the path that will make them happiest. Therefore, if you want to continue working for a company but you are interested in doing it from home, which is called remote work, you can do it without problem.

Here there can be 2 situations:

  • You like your work and you want your company to allow you to work remotely.
  • You do not have a job or you have already tried to negotiate with your company and it has been rejected.

Let’s start with the first one.

1. How to get your company to accept a job for someone else

No matter how traditional you think your company is, you don’t lose anything by trying to negotiate. The key, as always, is that you show them very clearly what they are going to earn if you work from home for them. The benefits always ahead.

Step 0: previous advice

Working from home is great, but you will also have to face a series of challenges:

  • Distractions
  • Lack of routine.
  • Lack of schedules.
  • Etc.

You have to strive to maximize your productivity and to generate as much work as possible with the least effort. Remember that you no longer work for time, but for efficiency.

How to save time in your work management from home?

  • Eliminate all the meetings that you see unproductive: resolve most of your discussions by email or phone (so they will not notice your physical lack so much).
  • Be proactive: if you need to call your office a thousand times to ask questions, they will feel that working remotely is a nuisance.

50 great and proven ideas to earn money on the go

The more autonomous you are and the less supervision you need, the better.

Step 1: emphasize your worth

The fact that you work for someone else does not mean that you cannot reinforce your personal brand by creating a blog and establishing a network of contacts with people in your sector.

All that work will not go unnoticed by your company, they will see that you are a person with interesting resources and that you contribute an extra in front of others. That will earn you points and have more options in a future negotiation.


Step 2: first intentional test

A great way for them to see that nothing happens because you work from home is to take a real test. You can suggest that they try a week to see that you are more productive outside of the office and that you do not need constant supervision.

If the computer you use for your work is a desktop computer, you won’t have to go crazy transferring all the files. Install remote access software (eg TeamViewer ) and you will have full access from your sofa at home.

Over the days, new needs will emerge that you can solve on the go. For example:

  • How to make a quick meeting: with Appear you just have to click on your browser.
  • If you work as a team with other people and you need to have constant access to them: with Slack you can have a chat where you can solve all those little doubts that appear throughout the day.
  • Files: with Google Drive you can work online with any file and modify it on the fly (it will be updated automatically).

Whatever your needs, there will always be solutions.

Step 3: demonstrate the benefit to your company

Make a list of things you did at home that you didn’t do at the office on other days. In this way, at a glance they can see the amount of work that you can manage even if you work from home.

Be smart, have emotional intelligence and put yourself in the shoes of your boss. Anticipate all the questions he may ask you and give him answers in advance. Be prepared.

Step 4: actual trial period

After justifying how well you have done and the multiple benefits for both parties, take another step. Now is the time to suggest going further and extending  that initial trial period that you did.

As they may still be afraid of that possibility, one option is to offer you to work 4 days from home and one at the office (this is just an idea, negotiate what is best for everyone)

Little by little they will see that all these misgivings were unjustified and that you can work remotely without the office going down the drain.

Step 5: increase remote working time

In this new trial period problems will arise, not everything will be rosy. That’s why there you have to be agile to find solutions.

Each company is different, but as I told you before, there are thousands of tools for you to organize yourself and communication to be more fluid. For example, in Traveling Intelligence we combine 4 tools:

  • Whatsapp: mainly so that the team can contact me or if there is any urgency.
  • Slack: to communicate with each other on a day-to-day basis.
  • KanbanFlow: this tool is the one we use to manage the tasks that each one does and to be able to leave us messages in relation to them.
  • Google Drive: here we have the commercial, editorial and social media calendar. It is the way that we are all aware of what is going to happen.

Examine what your real needs are and look for solutions. I assure you that with will and flexibility, sooner or later, everything will add up.

B. Find companies that allow you to work at home

If your company finally does not accept, nothing happens. Negotiate with them a way out and leave your job in the most beneficial way possible.

What to do now?

  • Investigate the situation in your sector.
  • Prepare for when you find a job offer that interests you.

One of the great advantages of the Internet is that information is much more accessible than before.

Research the professional profiles that are in demand the most to see if you need any kind of extra training to make your profile more attractive. If you have been at your previous company for a long time, you may have become outdated. And if you’ve just gotten out of college, examine what those extra skills often demand are:

  • English .
  • Teamwork.
  • Decision-making ability.
  • Excel.
  • Sales knowledge.
  • Etc.

Although an interesting job offer can appear at any time, what we want is for the company to find you and not the other way around.

You have to get their attention by enhancing your personal brand.

For this there are 3 very important points:

  • Open a blog so that with your content you show what you know.
  • A careful LinkedIn profile.
  • A good networking strategy (you need to expand your circle of contacts).

Not only do you need your name to become known, but you also need to be positioned as a reference.

This is not achieved overnight, but as I said before, this will help you show your worth. And that when it comes to going to a job interview changes.

You will stop being a taxable person applying for a job to become an attractive profile. They will listen to your requirements in a completely different way.

TOP 4 telework options: different jobs from home to get a little extra

On the Internet you can also get an extra working from home. Of course, in the medium term you will generate much more income if you sell services or info-products as I explained before, but if for whatever reason you are not interested, these are the options you have.

1. Work from home as a telemarketer

50 great and proven ideas to earn money on the go

Although the vast majority of companies look for people to work from call centers, there are also those that allow you to do it from home. Basically you just have to have a good internet connection.

To find offers of this type, register in the main job search engines and create an alert so that the offers will arrive in the mail. Put as keywords “telemarketer from home” or “telemarketer work from home”.

Here you have a list of the main search engines.

This is a normal remote work for others, we would enter into the first profile of digital nomad.

2. Work from home with crafts

Remember that before we saw the option of creating your own crafts (jewelry, natural cosmetics, t-shirts, stationery, etc.) and set up an online store to sell them. But if you don’t want to get complicated with the store, there are platforms like Flipkart or Amazon where you can upload your products. Note that it is not free, the normal thing is that they charge you both per ad you upload and per sale.

Another option within this section is to work from home assembling things for companies. What they usually send you is to mount bracelets, earrings, pens or things like that.

Here you have to take into account 2 issues:

  • Initial investment: they will ask you to make an income at the beginning in terms of materials.
  • Quantity: look at how many units you will have to make to collect. Although it is something simple to do, if they require 300 units per order, we are talking about quite a few hours of work.

There are three ways to locate these type of job offers:

  • Offers on job search platforms (the ones I mentioned before).
  • In forums.
  • Advertisements websites (such as Milanuncios, Vibbo or Announcement Board).

Now, if I’m honest with you, what little I have seen on this subject I have not liked much. Be careful and try to look for (real) references of the company, there are many scams within this world.

3. Work from home doing surveys

Another way you have to generate an extra from the Internet is to answer surveys. Here you have to be careful with the following:

  • Minimum income: you may have to generate a minimum amount of money before they will let you collect it.
  • They do not only pay in money: in many they will want to pay you with gift vouchers.
  • It may take time: at first few surveys may reach you, it is normal. Until you enter a wheel no more will come.

Here you have several websites where you can register:

The reality is that you do not get much money with this, but if you have a lot of free time and you discard becoming a digital nomad … it is also an option.

4. Offer your house as accommodation

If you have space in your home, you are sociable and you like having people at home, here you have another opportunity to get extra income or a good salary (depending on where you live, of course).

There are many platforms that give you the option of turning your house into accommodation , and I’m not just talking about Airbnb, you’re going to see it:

  • Home Away,  Airbnb’s biggest competitor in business since 2005.
  • Windu , one of the largest portals in Europe.
  • Flipkey , which is  owned by the great TripAdvisor.
  • Homestay, another of the options most demanded by travelers.
  • Kindandcoe, is all over the world and is ideal for families with young children who have to travel with them.
  • Booking, of course ! Another of the best alternatives to earn money without leaving home.
  • Airbnb . This cannot be missing from the list!

These are the best known and recommended by users. Take a look and see if this option to generate income using your home could be ideal for you.

Do you really want to work from home?

If you are interested in working from home to get more freedom and you want to digitize your profession, the time is now.

The current situation has changed the world a lot and has accelerated the change that we were already having with respect to the new labor paradigm.

Whatever you do, your best bet is to take action now and find the perfect work from home for you.

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