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World Famous Physicist Stephen Hawking: 2021

Stephen Hawking Biography

Stephen William Hawking is a world-renowned physicist, cosmologist, author, and research director of the Center for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge. Stephen Hawking has made an important contribution in explaining Black Hole and Big Theory . Their radiation (radiation) is also called Hawking radiation.

World famous physicist Stephen Hawking – Stephen Hawking Biography

Stephen Hawking Biography

About Stephen Hawking – Stephen Hawking Information in Hindi

Full Name Stephen William Hawking ( Stephen Hawking )
Birthday 8 January 1942
Birthplace Oxford, England
Mother Name Isobel
Father Name Frank
Death 14 March 2018

Information about the early life of Stephen Hawking – Early Life of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, England. His father’s name was Frank and mother’s name Isobel, his mother was Scottish.

Stephen’s father worked as a medical modifier, his mother working as a secretary at the Medical Research Center. This is what they met and they got married, who had a total of four children.

In which four such siblings, Stephen, Philippa, Mary, Edward were included, in which Edward was adopted by Stephen’s parents.

From the very beginning, Stephen emerged as a brilliant student, looking forward to his education and was enrolled in a good school.

Stephen Hawking Education – Stephen Hawking Education

Stephen was enrolled in a school in St. Albans in the eighth year of his age, where he completed his primary education.

To pursue further studies, Stephen enrolled at Oxford University at the age of just 14, where he completed his studies in physics .

Although Stephen’s extreme inclination was in studying mathematics, but at that time there was no mathematics subject in Oxford. Therefore, after completing first class graduation in Physics, Stephen enrolled in the University of Kembridge.

Stephen Hawking Education

From here, he worked on the applied modification relation in applied mathematics and theatrical physics.

Information about Stephen Hawking’s incurable disease – Stephen Hawking Disease

Stephen Hawking had many dreams in his eyes and wanted to work on further amendment in science. Initially, after a few days in which he lived life like a common man, he started feeling troublesome and his health began to worsen.

When he was 21 years old, he suddenly fell from the steps, and became insensitive. When his father took him to the hospital for treatment, doctors were told that Stephen had a disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – ALS.

There was no cure for this disease, and in this type of disease, gradually all parts of the body become paralyzed and stop functioning completely.

For many years, he had suffered from this disease, due to this disease he had a lot of difficulty in speaking. This is why they used speech generating devices.

Despite facing such difficulties, Stephen’s attention to education and amendment never diminished. On the contrary, he started taking more interest in amendments, in which he gave some great amendments to the world.

Information about married life and children of Stephen Hawking – Stephen Hawking Family

Stephen Hawking married twice in life, in which his first wife’s name was Jane Wylde. When Stephen’s health was discovered, Jane took care of Stephen’s early days quite well. In 1965, Stephen and Jane were married, in which they had three children, including Robert, Lucy and Timothy.

But in the year 1959, Jane and Stephen got divorced, in the year 1959 Stephen married Elaine Mason which lasted till 2014, and in 2016 Stephen and Elaine got divorced. In this way, Stephen Hawking’s married life was also full of ups and downs.

As a modifier of Stephen Hawking – Scientist Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was the first person who developed the theory to understand the universe. In this, he worked with his partner Roger Penrose on the rules governing the universe.

Hocking discovered some factual conclusions on the subject’s relentless revision, in which he stated, “The creation of space and time coincided with the birth of the universe, and would eventually all be contained within a black hole and be finished”.
With this, Hawking also worked on Einstein’s Relativity Theory, which he used while working on a black hole. Working on quantum, he had said that “Black hole can never be cool, there is some radiation emitting from there all the time”.

These inventions of Hawking attracted much discussion around the world, and the science world and general public were highly attracted towards this topic.

Major achievements and work of Stephen Hawking’s life – Stephen Hawking Inventions

Stephen hawking
  1. In the year 1979, Stephen Hawking was appointed as a Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridges, which is the post of the world’s most famous education academy. Albert Einstein used to teach this post many years ago , till 2007, Hawking was working in this post.
  2. Stephen Hawking received his PhD in the subject of “Properties of Expanding Universe” in the year 1975.
  3. Started serving as professor of gravity physics at Cambridge University from 1975.
  4. Hawking had a total of 13 honorary degrees.

He has also contributed in many campaigns globally. Stephen Hawking is an honorary member of the Royal Society of Arts, as well as a lifetime member of the Academy of Episcopal Sciences, soon to become a commercial success due to his theory.

The book written by him, “A Brief History of Time”, became the highest selling book of that time, at that time the book lasted for a record 237 weeks.

“I want to live more now.”

This statement is not of anyone else but of Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s greatest scientists. What he said on his last birthday, which the world was astonished to hear. Today, he has been awarded 12 awards, big or small in physics.

Stephen Hawking received the award – Stephen Hawking Awards

  1. 1979 – Adams Award.
  2. 1975 – Eddington Medal.
  3. 19 – Maxwell Medal and Heinemann Award.
  4. The Albert Einstein Award was given in 1949.
  5. RAS Gold Medal in the year 1975.
  6. Deirak Medal of the Institute of Physical in 1949.
  7. The Wolf Award to Stephen Hawking in the year 1979.
  8. Year 1979 – Prince of Asturias.
  9. Stephen Hawking was awarded the Andrew Gement Award in the year 1979.
  10. Year 19 – Naylor Prize, Lillenfeld Prize, Albert Medal – Royal Society of Art.
  11. Year 2006 – Copley Award.
  12. America’s highest award ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’ was also given to Stephen Hawking in the year 2009.
Stephen Hawking Awards
  1. 2012 – Fundamental Physics Award.
  2. 2015 – Bibviya Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award.

Books written by Stephen Hawking – Stephen Hawking Books

Stephen Hawking Books
  1. “A Brief History of Time”
  2. “The Universe in a Nutshell”
  3. “The Grand Design”
  4. “Black Hole and Baby Universe”

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Stephen Hawking’s death – Stephen Hawking Death

Stephen Hawking, an elder of his age, passed on a wheel chair, in which he died at the age of six, succumbing to incurable illness from a young age.

This great scientist left this world on 14 March 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this subject – Questions about Stephen Hawking

1. At what age was Stephen Hawking diagnosed with incurable disease?

Answer: 21 years.

2. Which book by Stephen Hawking became most famous?

Answer: “A Brief History of Time”.

3. What are the major revisions of Stephen Hawking?

Answer: Big Bang, Black Hole Theory.

4. Which is the highest award given to Stephen Hawking by the United States?

Answer: ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’.

5. Stephen Hawking was a professor in which subject?

Answer: Mathematics and Physics.

4. How many degrees did Stephen Hawking have?

Answer: 13.

4. What were the names of Stephen Hawking’s wives?

Answer: Jane Wylde and Elaine Mason.

4. Stephen Hawking served as the most eminent education academy in the world?

Answer: Stephen Hawking was employed as Professor of Lukasian to teach Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, which is the famous post of the Academy of Education.

4. Which movie is based on the life of Stephen Hawking

Answer: “The Theory of Everything” This movie is based on the life of Stephen Hawking in the year 2016.

10. What year of age did Stephen Hawking die?

Answer: In the 9th year.

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