What are vehicle scrap policy, benefits, purpose vehicle scrap policy

A new scrap policy has been mentioned in India’s first paperless budget 2021-22. When it comes to this policy, many types of questions have come to the mind of the people. Those who have an old car, bike or any kind of vehicle are scared. He is wondering what will happen to his vehicle after the arrival of this policy. According to a survey, 55 percent of the vehicles in India are old and if this policy was started then what will happen to so many vehicles. We are going to tell you in detail about this new vehicle scraping policy. So, you should read this article completely and if you understand this information, then share it with your friends.

Vehicle Scrap Policy

What is the new vehicle scrap policy

Scraping means that if your car is more than 15 years old, then your car will be canceled. You will not be able to drive that car. If you run, then you can be fined many ways. But recently some changes have been made in this policy in the budget. We are trying to answer these changes and your questions below.

Policy Name Vehicle scrap policy
Improvement in Motor Vehicle Act 2019  1 February 2021
When will the policy apply 1 April 2022

What is the benefit of vehicle scrap policy

If new vehicle junk policy is implemented then the country will have many benefits. The automobile industry has been experiencing recession for quite some time. In such a situation, to overcome the recession, the government has tried to improve the scraping policy. This policy has the following advantages:

  • Automobile markets will gain momentum.
  • Will help in controlling pollution.
  • The rate of vehicles will decrease.
  • Vehicles without pollution will be more.
  • Manufacturing will accelerate.
  • India will become a big manufacturing hub.
  • India will be ahead of other countries in terms of exports.
  • 55% of the steel will be removed from junk vehicles. This will greatly increase the production of steel.

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What has changed in the new vehicle scrap policy

Referring to the changes in the scraping policy, Nitin Gadkari said that the private vehicle that used to be scrap in 15 years now, but now it has changed the rules to 20 years. If you have a personal vehicle, your vehicle will not be scraped for 20 years. The same commercial vehicles will be scraped in 15 years. In this, a person can sell his vehicle and buy a new vehicle. They will also be given a lot of relaxation in this, although the government has not yet presented this proposal openly.

According to Nitin Gadkari, the necessary items which can be used again will be removed from the vehicles that will be made junk. New trains will be constructed using the same items. If construction will be cheaper, then people will have a chance of getting cheaper vehicles and vehicles in future. According to Gadkari, the aim of this policy is to promote manufacturing in the country.

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Idea of ​​reforming vehicle scrap policy

Gadkari told that for the last five years there was an idea to improve this policy, but due to some constraints it could not be possible. But seeing the mention of this policy in this budget, it is expected that on the basis of this policy in 2022, the country will be brought once again on the path of development. With this step, the automobile industry is expected to grow significantly in the coming days and manufacturing in the country will grow very fast.

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The conclusion

We have explained here in detail about the vehicle scraping policy in the budget 2021-22. If you have any questions related to this policy, you can ask in the comment box. We will answer your question very soon. If you like this information, then do share it with your friends.


Q- Will our vehicles be seized based on this policy?

If your vehicle is 15 years old, then you have to take its fitness certificate. Go to the nearest fitness center and get a fitness certificate of your personal vehicle.

Q- What will be the change in the country under the new vehicle scraping policy?

Steel production will increase in the country and the country will move towards manufacturing.

Q-When will the new policy be implemented?

It will be effective from 1 April 2022.

Q-How many years will the commercial vehicle be valid?

Will be valid for 15 years.

Q- Will there be any incentive from the government in exchange for giving the old vehicle?


Q-What will be the use of old trains?

We have said above that vehicles will be broken in the form of junk and the same will be removed from it. So that we can use them in manufacturing.