How To Loss Weight | Best Weight Loss Tips: 2021

Weight loss tips

Today, it is seen that many people are overweight. In today’s time, obesity is taking the form of a terrible disease, not a minor thing. There are so many of us who are obese and want to be thin again. Some people become inferior due to obesity, while some people start losing confidence. If seen, obesity is also a genetic problem, that means if your parents also had obesity then there is a lot of hope that you too will be a victim.

Weight loss tips

If you really want to stay away from obesity, then for this you will have to sacrifice a lot. Your favorite food will be to stop pizza, burger and ice cream etc. and eat green vegetables which provide complete diet to the body. Along with this, you will also have to do some exercise and be patient, then the day is not far when you too will look slim and smart like film hero heroines.

Why are we overweight

1. The main reason for increasing obesity is lack of digestion. You must have seen many people around you who eat a lot more than you but are still thin while you feel obese even after eating a little, it all depends on the digestion of your body.

2. Hereditary- Obesity is such a disease that makes people fall prey to generation after generation. If your mother or father is obese, then surely you have a good chance of getting this disease as well. But it can be overcome with little restraint.

3. Job or Business- If you have to sit for hours during your job or job, then you will become obese easily because sitting continuously for hours does not cause digestion.

4. Eating too much – Even if you eat too much, it is not good for your health, a great man has said – “Eat to live, don’t live to eat” Eat as much as you are hungry because many times People overeat by seeing delicious food. Avoid this

5. seating Trika- if you sit correctly then have to sit for a long time during the job or work if you sit how wrong it will have adverse effects on your health.

6. Anxiety or stress- This is also the main reason for increasing obesity, people who are stressed have more chances of increasing fat on their stomach.

The main fruits which help in reducing obesity –

Try to eat as many fresh vegetables as possible, avoiding things like burger pizza. There are some fruits, by which you can control your obesity and reduce it to a great extent by frequent consumption.

Apple – Eating two or three apples daily will keep your obesity under control, along with it gives strength to fight many more diseases. Obese people should consume more and more apples.

Almonds – Vitamin-E is very high in almonds. Eating almonds continuously will control your appetite greatly, which will reduce obesity.

Green leafy vegetables- Green leafy vegetables have a calorie function and high fiber content. Eat lots of green vegetables daily.

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Cucumber – Cucumber is a vegetable in which the amount of water is very high and calorie intake works due to which the calories in your body do not increase.

Watermelon- This is a fruit that contains 80% water and calories are equal.

Pod Beans- Legumes are good vegetables, they strengthen muscles and improve digestion. You can eat bean salad or boil it.

Weight loss tips

Some exercises that help in reducing obesity –

Crunches: – In this exercise, by laying the mat down, lie down on the waist. Then bend your knees slowly. Your hands should be behind your head. Take a long breath, then raise your head with the help of hands. Lie normal again in a few seconds, then repeat the same action. Do this exercise at least 10 times in the morning, definitely you will feel the difference some days.

Bicycling- Running a little bicycle everyday is a very good exercise in itself, it will not only reduce your fat but also make your breathing activity good. Do a little cycling in the morning.

Race- Running daily in the morning will keep you away from many diseases. By doing this, your obesity will decrease rapidly. Initially run some work, but keep increasing it gradually, after some time you will feel fit yourself.

Jogging- If you are unable to run, then go to a park and do jogging slowly. Clean air in the morning will relieve you from the stress of the day and your weight will also work. You can also do jogging in the evening if you want.


Swimming- Swimming is a boon for the obese person. If you practice swimming for 1 hour every day, then obesity can not even touch you. If not daily then do swimming at least twice a week.

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Hope you have liked our advice and we hope that if you pay attention to the above, then you can overcome obesity to a great extent. Do not forget to share this article with your friends, do share it on your Facebook and Twitter. Your efforts will help many people. And tell us your thoughts in the comments below, we will wait

Weight loss tips

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