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What is Digital Marketing

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Today We Are Going To Share All The Information Related To Digital Marketing. If You Want To Know About This, You Should Stay With Us Because Today You Will Get To Know Many Information Related To Digital Marketing. Let’s Start With – What Is Digital Marketing In Hindi .

What is Digital Marketing

In Simple Words, Digital Marketing Means Marketing Done Through Internet, Computer And Social Media Is Called Digital Marketing.

Social Media, Mobile, E-Mail, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Are Used To Do This Marketing.

Digital Marketing Uses Many Digital Technologies Such As Mobile Phones, Display Advertising, Radio Advertising And E-Mail Marketing To Market Many Products And Services. With Which We Can Make Our Product Information Available To Many People.

The Most Important Thing About Digital Marketing Is That If You Want To Market A Product, Then You Can Market It At A Minimum Price. Marketing Companies Benefit Greatly From This.

Why digital marketing is important?

You All Know How Important It Is To Market A Product In Order To Sell It. Because If We Do Not Do Marketing Of A Product, It Is Very Difficult To Sell The Product. For This, The Company Has To Set A Budget.

In Today’s Time, All Companies Like To Do Online Marketing Of Their Product Due To Being All Digital. Because Online Marketing Company Has Many Benefits.

The Company Can Do Marketing Of Its Product Worldwide In A Low Budget And Can Sell Its Product. So We Have Given You The Benefits Of Digital Marketing Below –

Benefits of Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing Benefits

Digital Marketing Is A Simple And Fast Way With Which We Can Promote Our Product Anywhere.

If We Talk About Offline Marketing, Then It Costs A Lot For Advertising. But In Digital Marketing, You Can Do Worldwide Marketing With Very Little Money.

You Do Not Get Much Benefit From Offline Marketing In Digital Marketing, You Benefit From Digital Marketing Because With Its Help You Can Select A Target Audience And Do The Marketing Of The Product.

With Digital Marketing, You Can Do Marketing Of Your Product Anywhere. For Example, If You Live In India And You Have To Market Your Product In America, Then You Can Do Marketing Of Your Product In America.

Digital Marketing Is A Way Where You Get Thousands Of Ways, With The Help Of Which You Can Do Marketing Of Your Product.

With Increasing The Brand Value Of Your Company In Digital Marketing, You Can Also Sell Your Product Online.

How to do digital marketing – Step By Step

By Now You Must Have Understood That Digital Marketing Kya Hai. Now We Are Going To Talk About The Ways Through Which We Can Do Digital Marketing. Because We Know That Digital Marketing Is Done Through Internet, Computer And Social Media. Now How Will We Learn About Those Things.

1 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

All The Processes That Are Performed To Rank A Website On The Top Page Or First Page Of Search Engine (Such As Google, Bing, Yahoo Etc.) Are Called SEO .

Whenever You Do Any Query Search In Google, You Have 10 Website Show On The First Page. Similarly, There Are Many More Pages Related To That Query.

But Any User Mostly Checks The Same Website Which Is On The First Page. It Is Through SEO That Any Website Is Brought To The First Page Of Google Or Any Other Search Engine.

You Can Do SEO Absolutely Free, Provided You Do SEO Yourself.

2 – SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

When We Take Paid Traffic From Search Engine, Then It Is Called SEM. If You Have A Product Or You Want To Sell A Course Online, Then You Can Take Paid Traffic Through SEM.

The Advantage Of This Is That You Website Is Shown On The First Number In The Top Page Of Google Or Search Engine On A Particular Keyword.

Like We Did A Keyword Search On Google Best Web Hosting In India.

Those Who Are Showing This Result At The Top, They Are Being Shown At The Top By SEM Rather Than SEO. Because Ad Show Is Happening Next To Them.

SEM Is Called To Bring Traffic By Showing Ads Of Your Business Or Website In Search Engine. There Are Some Types Of Ad In SEM Which Are Described Below.

Type Of Search Engine Marketing

  • CPC – Cost Per Click
  • PPC – Pay Per Click
  • CPM – Cost Pet Thousand Impression

3 – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Promote Your Product Or Business Through Social Media Is Called Social Media Marketing. SMM Is Also A Paid Digital Marketing Platform. You Can Promote Your Product In Text, Image, Video, Audio Format.

4 – E-Mail Marketing

Reaching Your Product To People Through E-Mail Is Called E-Mail Marketing. E-Mail Marketing Is Used More On Occasions Like Company Offer, Discount, Event Etc. Through Which The User Goes To That Landing Page Or Website From That Email And Gets Traffic And Leads. Traffic Brought Through Email Is A High Quality Traffic.

5 – Affiliate Marketing

Promoting The Product Of Another Company Through Any Digital Medium (Eg Blog, Website, Social Media, YouTube Channel) Is Called Affiliate Marketing . Instead Of Promoting The Product, The Company Gives Us A Commission.

To Do Affiliate Marketing, You Can Join Affiliate Program Of Any Company (Like Amazon, Flipkart Etc.).

After Joining The Program, The Company Provides You A Link.

You Link That Link To Blog, Website, Social Media, YouTube Channel Etc. Can Promote Through. If Someone Clicks On Your Link And Purchases A Product, Then The Company Gives You Some Commission. This Is Called Affiliate Marketing.

6 – YouTube Marketing

In Today’s Time, People Like Video Content More. Most Of The People Like To Watch Video More Than Reading. YouTube Is The Largest Platform For Video Content In The World.

Today It Is The Second Largest Search Engine After Google. Companies Promote Their Product Through YouTube. Due To Which The Number Of Their Customer Also Increases. YouTube Is The Best Source For Building A Brand.

7 – App Marketing

Nowadays Almost Everyone Has A Smart Phone And There Are Some Apps In Everyone’s Phone. App Is The Only Way Through Which People Can Stay In Their Phones.

Now Mobile App Is Used A Lot For Marketing. Many Companies Have Taken Their Business To A New Level Through App Marketing. Such As Amazon , Flipkart, Myntra Etc.

8 – PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click)

PPC Is Such A Marketing Technique With The Help Of Which You Can Bring Traffic To The Website Quickly And Can Quickly Find The Customer For Your Product. In PPC, We Have To Pay Per Publisher According To Per Click On Our AD.

PPC Marketing Technique Is Also Used For Lead Generation. Google AdWords Is The Best Example Of PPC.

9 – Content Marketing

Content Marketing Is A Marketing Technique In Which The Company Creates Attractive Content And Reaches More People Which Attracts The Audience.

Some Popular Content Marketing Examples –
• Blog (Text Content)
• Image
• Video
• Landing Page
• Infographic
• Podcast (Audio Content)

10 – ORM (Online Reputation Management)

It Is Very Important To Make Your Online Reputation Good. Only When Your ORM Is Good Will People Be Able To Trust You.

If A Negative Response Comes In A Website Or Online Business, Then The Customer’s Trust Is Lost From That Company. Therefore, To Do Online Business Or Digital Business, There Must Be A Proper Understanding Of ORM Only When Business Changes Into A Brand.

Career Scope in Digital Marketing in Hindi

There Is No Thought About Digital Marketing Carrier As It Is The Era Of Today, It Is The Era Of Online Media And Digital Media. Hence The Scope Of Digital Marketing Is Very High.

Earlier People Used To Use News Paper To Read News. But Today It Is Not So Today If Anyone Wants To Read The News Or Watch Something, Then They All Go To Digital Media Like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook.

Because Today Being All Digital, People Get All The Information They Feel On These Digital Platforms.

Therefore, In Today’s Time, All The Companies Are There, They Use Digital Marketing To Do Marketing Of Their Product.

That’s Why Digital Marketing And Digital Marketing Expert Have A Lot Of Demand. If You Become A Marketing Expert Then You Can Think How Much Money You Can Earn. If You Want, You Can Also Open Your Own Agency. For This, You Have To Do Digital Marketing.

How to learn Digital Marketing?

You Can Learn Digital Marketing Both Online And Offline. If You Want To Learn Online Then You Will Get Free Course Available On YouTube, Udemy And Google, From Where You Can Learn This Course.

If You Want To Learn It Offline, You Can Go To Your Nearest Institute And Inquire. For More Information On Offline Courses, You Can Use YouTube Or Google. Here You Will Get Information About Good Digital Institute.

Best App o learn Digital marketing for free

How much does it cost to do digital marketing?

It Does Not Even Cost So Much To Do Digital Marketing As You Are Thinking. You Can Do This For Rs 30,000. But It Depends On What Your Institute Is. Because The Fees Of Each Institute Are Different.

If You Search On YouTube, You Will Get All The Information About Many Institutes. The Course Of Digital Marketing Is Taught Here. This Makes You Learn The Course For 35,000 Rupees.

Learn Digital Marketing in Free?

If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing For Free, Then You Can Start Blogging . If Blogging Is Called The First Ladder To Learn Digital Marketing Then It Will Not Be Wrong.

Blogging Digital Marketing Is A Great Medium To Learn. Blog We Say That In Which We Share Information On Any Subject And Reach People. Blogs Are Updated Regularly.

If You Do Not Have Any Understanding Of Digital Marketing, Then You Can Learn Blogging By Watching Videos From YouTube. Or You Can Read Information About Blog From Google, Which Is Very Easy.

By Running A Blog, We Can Learn A Lot Of Digital Skill. Just Like SEO Has To Be Done To Bring Traffic To The Blog, For More Earning, We Can Start Affiliate Marketing, Convert The Traffic Coming To Your Blog To Our Customer Through E-Mail Marketing.

You Can Become An Expert In Digital Marketing By Doing All The Similar Work.

So If You Start A Blog, You Can Easily Learn Digital Marketing. There Are Many Digital Marketer Expert Who Started Their Career With Blogging And Today He Is Expert In Digital Marketing.

How long is a digital marketing course?

Most Digital Marketing Courses Are Of 50 To 90 Days And It Takes Up To 120 Days To Do Any Course. In Which You Will Find SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing And

Email Marketing Etc. Is Taught Correctly.

What to do after learning Digital Marketing?

After Learning Digital Marketing, You Can Work In A Company. After That, After A Little Experience And Confidence, You Can Start An Agency If You Want.

Because Marketing Of Digital Expert Is Very Much In Demand As I Already Told You. If You Become A Good Digital Marketer, Then You Can Earn Above 1 Lakh A Month.

Digital Marketing Related Bonus Tip

● You Can Use YouTube To Promote Your Agency. Because YouTube Is A Platform Where A Lot Of Traffic Comes. In Such A Situation, If You Put Agency Related Videos On YouTube, Then Promotion Of Your Agency Will Be Easy.

● You Can Try Udemy For Side Income. Udemy Is One Such Platform Where You Can Do Your Course Sale. There Are Many People Here With Whom Lakhs Of Students Are Connected, In Such A Situation, If You Try This, You Can Think How Much You Can Earn.

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FAQ For Digital Marketing

What are the types of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Can Do Many Ways But There Are 8 Main Ways.
• Search Engine Optimization
• Search Engine Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• E – Mail Marketing
• You Tube
• App Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Pay Per Click

Why is Digital Marketing used?

Digital Marketing Is Used To Reach Your Product To More People In Less Time. With The Help Of Digital Marketing, We Can Reach Our Target Audience And Increase The Productivity Of Our Product.

Who is called Father of Digital marketing?

Philip Kotelr Is Called Father Of Digital Marketing.

What is the point of 5D in Digital Marketing?

5D Means In Digital Marketing –
• Digital Platform
• Digital Device
• Digital DATA
• Digital Media
• Digital Technology

What are the two Major Types of Marketing?

2 Major Type Is Marketed.

B2B (Business To Business)
B2 C (Business To Customer