What is a super computer?

What Is Super Computer

You must have heard about super computer many times. Some people may have guessed a little from its name too, but if you don’t really have a detailed knowledge about the supercomputer, then this post may be useful for you. We are going to talk about what is a supercomputer? How does it work When, how and who made it? Where is it used? We are going to tell you more and more sari information in this post. Do you read this post till the last?

If you are fond of technology, then you will know computer very well. In today’s time, computers are used for all kinds of tasks, big and small. There will be hardly any of you, who will not know very well about computers. In fact, some people will be reading this post from computer too.

You must have seen around you that nowadays computer is being used for all kinds of work . Today, with the help of computers, great things are also done very easily. With this, there has been development in every field. The manufacturing industry has benefited the most from this.

Everything About Super Computer?

You all must know that in today’s time every work is becoming automated. It has been automated using computers in major manufacturing companies . Which makes them the least workers. If we talk about earlier, different people used to work for every job in the manufacturing industry. But in today’s time, every work is done by machine and there are only few people who control the machine.

There is no doubt that today a huge change has come with the arrival of computer. There have been many benefits from this, but at the same time there have been some losses. For example, where earlier laborers worked in factories, today the same work is done easily by computer machine. This has created the problem of unemployment all over the world. Apart from this, there have been many losses from computers.

Today, the computers we use in our daily life are called ordinary computers. If we try to know about its history, then the computer was invented in about 200 years ago in 1822 AD. At that time Charles Babbage was not able to give a full version of it but then later other scientists worked on it, then slowly it improved. The first programable computer ” The Z1 ” was built by Konrad Zuse in 1936–38.

In earlier times the size of computer was very large. At that time a computer used to come in a very big room. A computer named The ENIAC , its size was 1800 square feet th and thousands of vacuum tubes were used in it.

In this way, different types of computer systems were prepared by many scientists. Due to which there was a gradual improvement in them and today you can see how much the computer has reduced.

These were some information about basic computer. Even today an ordinary computer can do great things in seconds. If we use a computer, then we watch movies, play games, use the internet and use some software. For which ordinary computer is very good.

But do you know that in many industry there is a need to do billions of calculations every minute through computer. Where an ordinary computer may not work. Therefore, to do this, scientists have created a different type of computer, named supercomputer.

Now further, we are going to tell you about supercomputers only. So let’s know about it in detail.

What is a Super Computer?

If you know about ordinary computer, then you can easily understand about it too. In supercomputers, “massively parallel processing” is used, with the help of this, any problem is split into several pieces, and it is worked on by thousands of processors simultaneously.

There are not one but thousands of processors, due to which its size is very large. The supercomputer was first built in 1964., named CDC 6600. In this, 30 lakh calculations were done every second using a single process. You may be surprised to know that the supercomputer at that time was a thousand times slower than the current iphone.

Thomas Zecharya ji said that in future everyone will be able to use supercomputers. Do you know that the smartphone of the present day is faster than the supercomputers working on the human genome project of the 1990s.

Today, the world’s fastest supercomputer “summit” can calculate 200 quadrillion data per second. There are 36,000 processors in it. The work that an ordinary computer can do in 30 years can do the summit in just one hour. Now you can understand how powerful a super computer is?

The working of any normal computer is calculated in Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS) but the working speed of supercomputers is calculated in (Floating Points Operation Per Second ie FLOPS). The size of a normal computer is very small, so that we can easily take it anywhere but the size of a super computer would have been much larger. It is kept in a very large room.

What are the benefits of a supercomputer?

Today supercomputers are being used in many fields. Online companies like IBM and Paypal are also using it today. With its help, online fraud can be avoided.

Super computer not only gives more speed than normal computer, but with its use, we can also avoid fraud on internet. Today it is being used by many online companies.

In our daily life, a lot of work can be done easily from a normal computer, but for scientists even today, there are many things that can be done by a normal computer, it can take years to get its output. Supercomputer is required to do this.

Right now supercomputers are used in very few places but in the coming time it will be used even more.

Where is a supercomputer used?

Supercomputers are mostly used for scientific and engineering experiments, as they require a lot of database and high-level calculations. Most scientists use it, so that in any research, the whole team can work together easily.

In today’s time, supercomputers are used for many things. We are telling you about them below.

  1. Nuclear energy research
  2. Code breaking
  3. Climate research
  4. Weather forecast
  5. Fluid dynamic calculation
  6. Genetics analysis
  7. Oil and gas exploration
  8. Molecular modeling
  9. quantum mechanics
  10. Physical simulation
  11. Animated graphics

Supercomputers are used for the work mentioned above. Normal computers are not capable of doing such tasks. Therefore super computers are used to do this. Supercomputers are very fast, powerful and expensive. Therefore, it is not possible to use it everywhere.

Which operating system is used in a supercomputer?

The linux operating system is commonly used in today’s supercomputers. Since linux is very good for developers, they have complete control over it, which they can easily do whatever they want.

Apart from Linux, many other operating systems are also used. Such as bullx SCS, SUSE CentOS and cray are used. Not all these operating systems are for the general public.

Developers of such operating system can do anything they want. While in OS like windows and ios we get limited access. If you give more access to it, then it will require a lot of processor and memory.

How much does a super computer cost?

Basically, the price of a super computer depends on many factors. You can build a super computer according to your requirement and it will cost accordingly. The faster the supercomputer, the more expensive it will be. Its cost depends on how much floating point speed it can calculate in a second.

If a supercomputer works very fast, then a lot of processors and memory will be used in it, due to which its cost will also be more expensive. Therefore, we make super computers according to our requirement and budget. Many online companies are also using it so that their users’ data is safe. Companies like IBM and PayPal use supercomputers.

The world’s fastest supercomputer, named summit, has spent $ 200 million to build. From this you can guess that the cost of a fast supercomputer can be anywhere from about $ 200 million to $ 300 million.

Who is the fastest supercomputer in the world?

Now after knowing about the supercomputer, this question must have come in your mind, which is the fastest supercomputer in the world? So we also know about it.

Right now the two fastest supercomputers in the world are in America, named Summit and Sierra. IBM technology is being used in both of them. Summit received the world’s fastest supercomputer title in June 2018, performing the mathematical test LINPACK at 122.3 pentaflops per second. We have already talked that about 200 million US dollars have been spent in making the summit.

Before the summit, the world’s fastest supercomputer was Sunway TaihuLight, which was in China. It is valued at around US $ 273 million. If seen, it is beyond spending more than summit to make it.

In the list of 10 fastest supercomputers in the world, 5 are American, 2 are Chinese, besides Switzerland, Japan and Germany have one each. I am telling you the list of top 10 supercomputers in the world.

  1. Summit, USA
  2. Sierra, USA
  3. Sunway TaihuLight, China
  4. Tianhe-2, China
  5. Frontera, USA
  6. Piz Daint, Europe
  7. Trinity, USA
  8. Al Bridging Cloud Infrastructure (ABCI), Japan
  9. SuperMUC-NG, Germany
  10. Lassen, USA

The name of our India is not included in this list yet, but soon the name of our country is also going to be included in it. Let us now know about some supercomputers of our country.

Who is the fastest supercomputer in India?

There is no doubt that our country has also gone far ahead in the matter of technology . Now in our country too, super computers are being used in many places. Today, India is giving competition to countries like America in terms of technology .

According to the January 2018 report Pratyush and Mihir is the fastest supercomputer in India. Its name includes the list of world’s top 100 supercomputers. The highest floating speed of India’s supercomputer is 42.56 TFLOPS per second and it comes at number 45 in the list of top 100 supercomputers in the entire world.

Here are the top 5 supercomputers in India:

  1. Pratyush [Cray XC40 *]
  2. Mihir [Cray XC40 *]
  3. InC1
  4. SERC [Cray XC40 *]
  5. iDataPlex


In our daily life, our work gets done easily with a normal computer. Because we do not have to do much, in this only we have text, pictures, media etc. One also has to run and execute, for which a normal computer can work very fast.

But as we said earlier, scientists need to run some such program, which we cannot do with a normal computer. If we try to do this then our computer may crash. Therefore, a more robust cable and other things are used in super computers.

We hope that after reading this post, you will have learned a lot of information about supercomputers. How did you like this post, tell us by commenting and share the post with your friends in facebook, twitter, whatsapp and other social networks.