Solution:- Why Can’t I Post On Facebook

Why Can’t I Post On Facebook:- Many of the Facebook users has one question “Why Cannot I Post On Facebook?”. Here we solve you so that you can do it and why they do not let you publish. Many have a problem not knowing why Facebook DOES NOT let me Publish , but now we have the solution to all their problems.

Why Can’t  I Post On My Friends Facebook Page

Facebook most of the time, blocks publishing content in various places, be it photos, groups, pages, own links, etc. They do this due to blockages or violations of the community regulations that Facebook presents. With all of the following ways Facebook has to stop you from posting, we present them here.

It goes without saying that many messages like this usually happen to us and here we have the perfect solution for this message.

“Your publication violates our community rules solution”

Solve the following problems, following the steps and concepts that we will give you for it.Why Can't I Post On Facebook


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Because Facebook Won’t Let Me Post In Groups

Most of the time, in the sales groups or any group they block your publications for faults to their normal or, you published a lot or shared a lot of content in a short time. Facebook temporarily blocks you. It may happen that some user is bothered by your publication and it is deleted.

  • You should avoid posting offensive content or content that annoys the receiving Facebook users. Don’t post too often in the same group.

Because Facebook Won’t Let Me Post Links

Most of the time facebook blocks links from external pages. They do this for violations of their standards. Since in their rules they name that you should not post links in sales groups very often or several times. They should only post 1 or 2 times.

You can avoid this by posting the link once a day in each group. If facebook blocks the links 1 time. You are not unlocked. You can try sending a message or a comment, saying that the publication of the link of a page to facebook was not your intention and you were not the man who made the publications.

Can’t Post On My Facebook Page

The solution to why fb does not let you publish on your page, is a very big question that many of the users and page creators wonder why I cannot publish on my facebook page, now we will show you step by step how to do it that you can publish all the contents on your official page.Why Can't I Post On Facebook


  1. You must change the url of Facebook.
  2. In the normal Facebook URL which is: you change it to 
  3. Then you enter with your username correctly and verify if you can publish content on your facebook page.

Cannot Post Photos On Facebook

The solution to this problem is to check the format of the photo you uploaded. try to avoid uploading photos in PNG format. try changing the photo file you uploaded to any of these: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF. 

  • If for some reason your error to publish photos, that facebook does not allow you to upload photos try to solve it this way . You can remove versions of Adobe Flash from your computer. Download the latest available version of Adobe Flash again. Try again to upload a photo on facebook.

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Can’t Post cComments On Facebook

One of the reasons why you cannot post comments on some publications, it may be because the user has blocked you or it is a private profile that does not want to receive comments on their profile or publications.

Your comments may have been blocked, due to a lot of spam. This happens when you post multiple times in a single post or post a url multiple times in the post you comment on. It can happen when users are bothered by your comment, they report it and you can remove the option to comment on a specific publication.


You should avoid not posting URLs in a post multiple times. Also do not post many times in a post and avoid posting topics that annoy people so that you avoid being blocked or denied access to comment.

Can’t Post Videos On Facebook

Facebook blocks the videos, because they can be of daring content or the video inflicts community rules that Facebook presents.

The uploaded videos may be uploaded in an unsupported file, which blocks access to upload a video to the social network. You must edit your video and also not infringe copyright rules on your videos. Do not post the videos in groups many times on your same profile, since that can be taken as spam.

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Can’t Post An Album In Facebook

The solution is:

Open albums in a new or unknown tab. You enter the album you want to publish and change the privacy from “just me” to “share with friends”, it can be Public. Then you publish it your album.

If the error persists, you can try the following:

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If the problem persists and you do not know what to do, you can change the “Automatic locations”, change it to manual and take out Instagram; This solution is only when the problem is generated when they

Why Can't I Post On Facebook

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