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Why Is Google Maps So Slow

Everyone’s had a question. Why Is Google Maps So Slow?Welcome to Gboard clipboard, any text that you copy will be saved here. There area unit few things worse than beginning a visit and realising that Google Map isn’t operating the means it ought to , and not extremely knowing what the explanation is. Despite being one amongst the best Google applications , it can sometimes crash , and it’s vital to grasp a way to troubleshoot to stop errors from showing within the middle of a route. One of the most common is to see how Google Maps works slow, although luckily it has a solution.

If, for some reason, you think that Google Map has started to run slower than usual , you can try to fix it by carrying out some of the recommendations that we offer in this guide.

Google Maps is still one of the most downloaded apps on the planet

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Calibrate the compass of your mobile

You may sometimes see how difficult it is for Maps to find your location, or it takes too long to identify the exact direction your mobile is pointing. If this downside seems, it’s presumably that the compass of your mobile isn’t properly label , or that the GPS of the device has lost signal. To solve this problem, just follow Google’s recommendations, which consist of opening the Google Maps app and making a movement of eight as seen in the image, several times until the blue beam that comes out of the point marked by your location points in the right direction, and your range has noticeably narrowed.

Make sure you have good coverage

Why Is Google Maps So Slow

Google Maps also bases a good part of its operation on the Internet connection, so it is common for the app to work somewhat slower when crossing areas of poor coverage. If your mobile data is not working , that is most likely the reason why Google Maps is not working as it should, and it should be the first thing you need to fix.

Improve GPS accuracy

Another option that you can activate to speed up the operation of Google Maps when it comes to finding your position or searching for routes is the high-precision location. On most Android devices, it is activate as follows:

  1. Open the system settings and go to “Location”
  2. Tap on “More settings”why is google maps so slow
  3. Activate the option called “Google Location Accuracy”why is google maps so slow
  4. It is also recommended to activate the option of “Search by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth” to improve the search precision. OkWi-Fi and Bluetooth

Use the light version of GMapsGmap lite

Maps Go is the light version of Google Maps for Android

Maybe GMaps malfunction because your phone is not powerful enough or do not have the necessary resources to run Google Maps and everything the application needs. In that case, a good alternative is Google Maps Go, the lightweight version of the app intended for less powerful devices, which offers some limited features to provide better performance.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store , as well as its complement to be able to use the navigation mode , completely free of charge. However, you can also ** access the shortened version of Goole Maps by accessing the platform’s website from your browser .

Turn off satellite view in Google Maps

The satellite view is undoubtedly one of the best features of Google Maps. But it is also one of the most resource consuming. Therefore, it may be a good idea to disable this feature at times when Google Maps is running slower than usual.

To do so, you just have to touch on the icon that shows a square layer on top of another located in the upper right corner of the screen, and choose the *** Standard * view.

Why Is Google Maps So Slow: delete the data from the Google Maps app or find an alternative

In the case with the vast majority of applications that, from one day to the next, start to malfunction, one of the most effective solutions is to delete the data and information cached on the device. You only need to access the Applications section within the system settings, search for Google Maps and touch the buttons to clear data and clear cache .

And, if that does not work either, you would possibly have {an interest} in finding an various to GMaps. One of the best you can try is Waze – especially if you use Maps to navigate, and not as much as a travel guide or to explore the world – although there are others like

Why Is Google Maps So Slow

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